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Starting Over

Question asked by Striker3070 on Jan 9, 2014
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Starting Over


     I just took a volunteer position that requires me to track other volunteers, activities and what volunteers attend what activities.

     Since they have been using an excel spreadsheet, and the sheet they handed me has 240 volunteer names on it, and only a few hundred events, I have the opportunity to do a DB with an interface for data entry.

     Lets start at the beginning, will the relationships work for what I need?  Is there any recommendations as far as doing it differently?

     GOAL; (1)Track Volunteers (2)Track the different activities (3) Track what volunteers attend what activities. (4) Produce reports monthly/yearly on miles volunteers drive and number of activities they attend. (5) finally eventually move to mobil iPad syncing.

     Issues: Volunteer_ID is formatted as "US12345" No quotes.  Perhaps this little group thought they would expand beyond the US, not sure why that is there.

     Using, and new to MAC and FMP 13