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    Starting to use Filemaker



      Starting to use Filemaker




      I have been watching some of the filemaker videos but they seem to assume that the user knows some things which i do not! I have set up databases on Bento but need to build a more robust system and at the moment I have no idea hoe to go about it. Please help


      Could you let me know any other way, including here on the forum for me to get some basic info on just starting out.



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          You could get a book on the subject, you can find books offered on Amazon and then check the reader reviews to see if the book looks like a good option.


          Feel free to take on a small, "get the feet wet", project and post your questions here as you encounter things you don't understand.

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            Hi and thank you for the quick reply.


            I will look into getting a book but I am one of those learn by watching and then doing and often find it difficult to follow by reading but will give it a try.


            In the meantime I will try and detain what i am trying to create and ask questions specific to that project and see how it goes.