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    StartUp File Share Error



      StartUp File Share Error


      New user, old programmer.  I'm getting the error upon opening my database:

      FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer.

      I'm starting as admin with full rights with two tables linked and I'm the only one opening the file at this time.

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          Operating System and version?

          Filemaker program and version?

          Does the same error occur when opening a demo database or template?

          Or when creating a new database, very simple, saving and opening? 

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            OS: Vista; it is now installed on Server 2008

            FMP Pro 9 Advanced

            I have one program, two databases.  One always gives me this error, the other does not.  The one that does is the parent table.  I started with the trial version and the probelm started there.  Upgraded to the full Pro9 Advanced, but the problem persists. 

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              Thank you for your post.


              Let's start with some basics.  Let's unplug from the network and see if you get the error.  If so, then there is something wrong with the file itself.  Use the Recover command (File menu) to hopefully fix the file.  Open the Recovered file and see if the error message disappears.


              If you do not get an error, then someone on the network is using a file with the same name, or someone has that file opened remotely.  Make sure no one else is using the file as a host.  Also, make sure that file is set for Sharing on with all users or a specified set of users.  In other words, make sure it is not set for No users.


              Let me know how this turns out.



              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                No other user is on the system or using FileMaker.  I recovered the file with no errors.  Both the original and recovered file give me the same error.   I changed sharing to "All Users" on the original file.  I continue to get the sharing error. 


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                  Hi woody, have you made any progress with this?


                  I'm having the same problem. I've been experimenting and discovered something really weird. My 'network' consists of 2 PCs (both running Vista SP1) plugged (ie. with cable) into a Zyxel Prestige 334 cable router, nothing else. If I plug my cable broadband into the router (so the PCs have internet access as well as access to each other) and reboot the PCs then I can open my database on one PC and open it remote on the other - no problem. If I then unplug the broadband connection and reboot the PCs I now get the "Filemaker cannot share..." message.


                  If I connect the 2 PCs (laptops actually) using wifi (an ad-hoc wireless network) then it works provided one of them is also plugged into the Zyxel - with the broadband connected too. If they're just connected  together via wifi then it's "Filemaker cannot share...".


                  If I plug a third PC, running WinXP, into the router then I can open Filemaker and share my databases from there with no problem, with or without the broadband connection. But I cannot open the database on either of the Vista PCs without the broadband connection.


                  So WTF is going on here? I tried doing an ipconfig/all in both situations - they're the same except for the last entry, a "Tunnel adapter Local Area Connector 12" where the not-working configuration says media disconnected and the working one gives an IP address. I've no idea if this is relevant though.


                  If I unplug the broadband connection but don't reboot the PCs they continue to work okay sharing the database - I can even close and reopen it.


                  This is obviously looking like some strange interaction between Vista and Filemaker but if I don't get it sorted soon we'll be ditching Filemaker and using Access (yeuch!) instead.


                  There seem to be a lot of hits if you google for this error message. I hope Filemaker are working on a solution.



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                    And the solution is (thanks to a phone call to tech support)...


                    To display the properties of each network connection on your PC and untick the binding with IPv6.


                    You get there by going to the Network and Sharing Center, clicking Manage Network Connections, then right-clicking each entry and choosing Properties then unticking the box next to Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6). Note that Vista automatically enables IPv6 on any newly created connections.

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                         I'm forwarding to my network guy.  Input is well appreciated and I'll advise if we've solved the problem.
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                        I have the same issue, but on a Mac.
                        Can anyone advise me what the fix is?

                        I'm not on a network (apart from the internet). When I startup anyone of a number of solutions I'm working on, I first get the message:

                        FileMaker cannot share a file because
                        FileMaker network sharing is turned off.

                        Then in an attempt to fix this I go to Sharing settings and turn it on, then get the message:

                        FileMaker cannot share files because
                        another user is already sharing files using
                        FileMaker Pro on this computer. 

                        I feel like I'm in an endless loop  :-)