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Startup Script vs Trigger Script

Question asked by obidon on Feb 21, 2013
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Startup Script vs Trigger Script


     I am using FM12 Advanced.  My database has three layouts, one is a list view.  The other layouts two are forms.

     I have created a trigger script which selects one of the two form layouts based on a field criteria in the record. This is triggered using OnLayoutEnter.  During normal operation, this works perfectly well.

     OnWindowOpen triggers my startup script.  The startup script goes to the list view, sorts, goes to first record and exits. I`ve added custom dialogues to confirm the process starts and finishes and I am also runing the debugger.

     My problem is that upon completion of the startup script, the OnLayoutEnter trigger initiates.  This script is not assigned to my list view.  It does not appear to run in the debugger either.  

     I`ve narrowed the problem down by disabling the trigger scripts.  Please help?