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    Startup Scripts



      Startup Scripts


           Looking into the few FileMaker manuals that are available I see some simple script examples of setting up an application when it is first opened by the user. Can some one provide an example what what they use to identify the type of hardware the application is running on and set the proper layout. This would be the obvious starting point in any application when designing an application and I find various bits of the needed information scattered all over the manual which do not really setup a progression line in development. I also see script keywords in the manuals that are difficult to find in FileMaker, is there a good source available for the script language? And what is the language based on? There are a lot of assumption in the documentation that get new people lost.

           Any help would be appreciated 

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               Instead of "language" think "macro system". Almost all FileMaker script steps have a corresponding menu option for manually doing the same thing. The exception are a few "control" steps such as If, loop, etc.

               Look of the Get function in FileMaker Help. This is a "swiss army knife" kind of function that can return many different results depending on the parameter you use with it. The particular combination you need is called:

               It returns text that can be parsed with the Patterncount function to identify key words such as "web" or "ipad" to identify what just opened your database file.
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                 Yes, I understand the macro system but the macro's also contain procedure and function keywords which can be found after hunting them down in "FileMaker Pro 12 the missing manual" which is a real pain. I saw someplace that gave basic information on getting the type of machine and screen dementions for sizing an application to fit properly. I now can not find were I referenced it and am wasting my time. Java Script has a really nice manual for referencing, it would sure be nice if FileMaker did the same. All the menu items that can be repeated in a macro is acoplished through key control words (if, end if, let etc.) and the displayed dialog boxes do not show all of the one's I see in the manuals. Therefore a lot of users are limited in using the power of FileMaker.

                 I do not want to spend $2500 on learning the basics on learning how to make an address book, but I would spend the money on digging deper into what makes FileMaker work for my application.

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                   Type of machine and screen size can be captured using Get functions.  I find the online help in FM to be quite good. I didn't get the reference to spending $2500.00 to learn. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to look to find an answer but if you persist you'll get a feel for things.

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                     FMP is a Level 4 interpretted language focused on DataBase structures and living up to its Namesake... File Maker.  Java is a level 3 programming language.

                     Level 4 languages are limited to what they specialize in.

                     If you know how to set up Files and Databases, FMP will suit you well.  If you don't and don't want to learn that, hire a consultant.

                     I don't mean this to sound arrogant, but it I find Database programs solve most Spread sheets and Database solutions and FMP is cross platform.

                     Good Luck...


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                       It's  not that I like FMP, I think it's great. It's just getting a handle on the scripting. I only spoke about JS because of the manuals Adobe uses to present the language. The only down side that I see the FM is the ability to to format text. My current application is all text that needs to be formated, so I'm doing it in Word and converting it to PDF and dropping it into the appropriate field. Other than that I think FM is great, I just have to figure it out.

                       i've worked with a couple other companies and they both wasted my time and money. I want to get it to the point where it can be prototyped and then bring in people that can clean it up for customer use.

                       i'm in the aviation industry doing safety audits and have used my app for part of an audit and now  am cleaning it up to be more effective. I've worked with Delphi many years ago, it's just getting a handle on the scripting and not happy with the information sources.

                       thank you all for your help.