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    Static "Home" Page...



      Static "Home" Page...


      Is it possible to create a static page that is not actually a record? Kinda' like a home page on a website? These pages would serve as intro pages when I collect a complete catalog.

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          I made a new layout with no fields in it to act as a home page. It has some shortcut buttons to perform quick tasks and navigation on it and that is it. Not sure if there is a better way though, I am still fairly new at this myself.

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            Pages/layouts aren't records in the first place though each is set to refer to a table occurrence (box in Manage | database | Relationships) and via that to a specific table in your database.

            There are several options you can play with:

            1) Open Manage | database | Relationships. Select any table occurrence in the window and click the duplicate button (two green plus signs) to make a duplicate occurrence. Set up your layout to refer to this new table occurrence. Then return to Manage | Database | Relationships and delete the occurrence. As long as you don't need to display data from anything but global fields, this should work for you and you have a layout not based on any table.

            2) Set up a "no records table" and link your "Home" layout to it.

            3) IF you have Filemaker advanced, you can set your layout up to refer to any table you have, but then use custom menus to remove the menu options that create/delete records so that uses cannot accidentally mess up the records in that table.