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    Static Related Found Count



      Static Related Found Count


           Is there a means to have a static found count number of total records?  Let me explain what I want to do.


           I have a database of records connecting to a number of episodes of a television show.  The database is broken down in tables based on the the portions of the show.  The tables go SHOW->EPISODE->MEDIA.


           On a MEDIA layout I have a Get(FoundCount) field which is great as it's dynamic and shows how many records are showing.  What I'd like to do is have static count of the total related records.  So say Episode 1 has 20 media files, however on a report I am showing 16.  The Get(FoundCount) will show a 16, but I would like to show an 16 of this static count(20 in this case).  Get(TotalRecordCount) seems promising but it gives me everything, and I just want related.


           Is this possible?  Would it be done with some measure of a TO?




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               IF you have:



               Count ( TableB::NeverEmptyField )

               Defined as a calculation field in TableA will produce the count of related records in TableB. In place of "neverEmptyfield"  you may refer to any field that stores some kind of value in every record. An auto-entered serial number field or a foreign key field thus make good choices for this.



               Where sCount is a "count of" summary field that counts a never Empty Field will, if placed on a tableA layout or referred to in a calculation evaluating from the context of TableA, also return the same count.

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