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    static web export



      static web export


      i using file maker pro just to archive my research on sea buoys. it has photos and text data. I would like to publish them as static data to my website. 

      However, the HTML and XML does not allow binary data (photos) to be selected and organized for the export. 

      Is there a work around this?


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          I don't think you would WANT to include image data in your exported HTML document (for one thing, not all browsers can handle it).


          You need to export your images separately (if they are stored within Filemaker) to a folder, then include links to them in the HTML. The link can be a calculation field, or (preferably) it can be generated by the XSLT stylesheet.

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            Sorry, I don't know much about database.Yes I do not expect the html to embed he image data (that's  crazy), but rather link it with the images in a folder. 

            Is there any plugin that can generate this? 



            i am not strong in anything with code, so xslt sounds rather daunting to me


            thanks for your reply




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                 Where are your images now? Are they embedded in container fields, or are they in a folder, with container fields linking to them?
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                   They are in a folder
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                     with container fields linking to them
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                       The following expression:

                    GetAsText ( ContainerField )

                    returns (among other information) the absolute and relative paths to the file referenced by the container field. From this, you can parse out the image's filename and use it for export.

                    Note that if you export as text, you will need to calculate the entire HTML code before exporting. However daunting you may find XSLT, it's a much better method because it allows you to insert raw exported data into a predefined HTML template, without complicating your Filemaker solution.

                    Also keep in mind that when exporting as HTML table, Filemaker will escape any HTML code you may have inside exported fields.

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                         sorry - is there a step by step tutorial for this ?
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                           I am not sure what you mean by "this" - there seem to be several "this" in this. Your original question was about images not being exported through XML - I assumed you knew how to handle the rest. Adding the images is just a matter of getting the image filenames and exporting them along with the text (within an img tag, of course).
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                          is this done outside filmaker pro?

                          I apolgise nice again for my lack of knowledge.




                          Would be once if there is a walkthrough for folks like me. 


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                            The parsing of the name would be a regular Filemaker calculation field. The export is done by Filemaker (using Export > XML), and the transformation happens during the export. The logic of the transformation resides in the XSLT stylesheet which you specify in the export dialog. The stylesheet itself needs to be written in another tool (a simple text editor is all you need in most cases).


                            It's hard to provide step-by-step instructions for writing a stylesheet, because it needs to be highly customized for your specific file and your desired output. For some starting points, see here. There are also a few example stylesheets in the Examples folder installed with your application, and more on FMI's site.

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                              He's asking if there is a guide to help step him through setting up the HTML code. I can't help you directly because i'm still playing with it myself, but here is some reference that I'm using.




                              You can poke around in here, but this specific link will show you how to add a button to an html page using vbscript. there're a lot of other things in here.



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                                comajama wrote:

                                He's asking if there is a guide to help step him through setting up the HTML code.

                                That's not what I understood. This is a Filemaker forum - if you want to learn HTML, you might be better served elsewhere, for example here.

                                I don't see what VBScript has to do with either.