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Statistical Analysis of data in portals

Question asked by nate1604 on Sep 10, 2009
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Statistical Analysis of data in portals


I am using FMP 10 for a database of election results. For each of the 8 candidates in a particular election contest, the database displays vote totals for each precinct within the county. The database has two tables. The first table, labeled "ResultsPerCandidate", has three fields: "PRECINCT", "CANDIDATE_NAME" and "TOTAL".

The second table is called "PRECINCTS", and contains a single field with one record for each precinct. The "Precincts" table also has a portal to the "ResultsPerCandidate" table which allows me to view and sort the election results for each candidate by precinct.

I wish to perform various statistical calculations on the vote totals in each precinct. For example, I would like to:

1. Generate a report listing each precinct in which there is an exact tie between two candidates, including the names of the top two candidates in each such instance.

2. Calculate the maximum and minimum values, standard deviation and variance of the vote totals in each precinct.

What is the best way to accomplish this?