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Statistical Analysis of Questionnaire Results

Question asked by woozie on Jan 13, 2010
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Statistical Analysis of Questionnaire Results


I use FMpro10 Advanced on Windows XP Prof 2002. I'm a "Junior" programmer - so far, have mostly designed donor management d-bases for community groups (relationships - one to many). Not as familiar with many to many relationships, but learning with the help of FM Training Series.


My challenge: to be able to do statistical analysis, between any two dates (i.e. monthly or yearly reports) of the results of 3 separate questionnaires. The problem is, some of the questions have multivalued attributes, and the user can select more than one answer. I need to analyse the results for each of the values selected for that question. I therefore cannot use straightfoward subsummary reports.


There are 3 questionnaires (Q1 = daily calls; Q2 = client meetings; Q3 = other activities.) There's some overlapping of questions and possible answers between the three.


Stats should include - simple analysis: totals, averages, standard deviation; as well as some cross analysis (for Q2) between three populations which are identified through one of the questions.


Here's my limited analysis of what may be needed in terms of tables and relationships:

table 1: questionnaire (A questionnaire can have several questions; a question can belong to more than 1 questionnaire)

table 2: questions (A question can elicit more than one response; a response can belong to just one question, I think)

table 3: responses (A response can have multivalues and can generate statistics; the stats are related to just one response; again, not sure my reasoning is accurate here)

table 4: stats


Summary of my Questions:

1) What would the entity-relationship diagram (ERD) look like? Do I need Join Entities?

2) How can I create a relationship between the Responses and Stats table that would enable me to view the results for a specific query (i.e. responses given between two dates - e.g. dec 1 to dec 31, 2009)

3) Would I use Cross Tab Reports to compare results between the 3 populations? Can you use these types of reports if a response can have more than one value?


Hope this is clear. Any help would be much appreciated. Pulling my hair on this one!