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Stats form main db

Question asked by p1nf0ld on Jun 10, 2009
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Stats form main db




I am new to FMP and a complete novice, although I am finding it a great database program but I am wrestling with a problem of getting stats from a main database into another table. I will try to clearly explain what I am trying to do.


table1 contains information about calls taken.


table2 is where I want to create a monthly and 6 monthly report from information in main db but not sure if I am making this too complicated? I have linked the db's with a relation


I am trying to get the total number of calls for the previous month and 6 months and then two figures for one field that has 2 options (callline1 and calline2) I can get the figure into a field by doing a count but can't see how to make count only see say callline2. I would like to have a drop down list for the month names and a text input field for the year. Then do a search for matching records. I started writing a script but can't get it to work. Having looked for info on the web I think I have confused myself more.


So I think my requirement is:-


select month

enter year

days to be *

find all records for that month in table1::callline

  fill table2::stat_calline_total field 

  find total number records in table1::callline call type = callline1

  fill table2::stat_calline1 field

  find total number records in table1::callline call type = callline2

  fill table2::stat_calline2 field

end find


Just can't seem to sort it out. Would appreciate any advice..