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Question asked by thong127 on Apr 15, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

I have 4 fields

1. Expiry Date

2. Retest Date

3. Remarks ( Check box, Values are ( Quarantined, Released, Expired, Rejected, Used, R & D and Retest, Close to expiry)

4. Status


I want that In my Status field will show blank when my Expiry Date or Retest Date field are empty or when nothing is selected on my Remarks field;

I want also in my Status field it will  show “Expired” if a certain material reached its Expiry date or Retest Date otherwise “Active”.

I want also to appear in my Status Field that If I choose one of the value of my Remarks it will change the "Expired" or "Active" Status on my Status Field.

Please find below the calculation that I'm working:


Case ( not IsEmpty ( Remarks ) ; Remarks ;

  Get ( CurrentDate ) <  Expiry Date and Get ( CurrentDate ) < Retest Date ; "Expired" ;

            not IsEmpty ( Expiry Date ) and  Expiry Date < Get ( CurrentDate ) ; "Expired" ;

            not IsEmpty ( Retest Date ) and Retest Date < Get ( CurrentDate ) ; "Expired" ; "Active" )


Thank you so much.