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Status Screen Design Help

Question asked by ZoocMan85 on Aug 15, 2011


Status Screen Design Help


Hey everyone,


  Im looking to design a web based status screen from the information from file maker but, i want it to be published on the web so everyone in the building can see it.


How The Status Screen Would Work:


1. User1 inputs the information into the Filemaker database.

2. User1 submits the information as an attachment from filemaker to the default mail client.

3. User 2 gets the attachment from mail client and performs the necessary look ups in an outside program.

4. User 2 goes into filemaker database and inputs in seperate screen that this look up was completed.

5. Filemaker exports that data to a webserver to be viewed in a local intranet enviorment.


Im good up to step 3 but i havent figure out step 4 and 5. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.