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    Status Tloolbar Buttons access



      Status Tloolbar Buttons access


           Hi, Can we limit a user to access "Status Toolbar" buttons in runtime solution.

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               What kind of limits?

               You can hide and lock the entire status bar. Often, this allows you to add your own buttons for the same purposes, but customized for the needs of your solution and which take up a far smaller portion of your monitor screen.

               You can use custom menus to alter what happens when many of these tool bars are clicked. Not only can you install different custom menus for different user groups via a script, but clicking the tool bar button can perform a script of your own design instead of the "built in" menu option normally selected by that mouse click. (These changes in custom menus will also affect your menus, the context menu you get by right clicking and the function of key board short cuts assigned to those menu choices.)