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Status toolbar - Can I remove it ?

Question asked by KimZ on Jan 25, 2010
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Status toolbar - Can I remove it ?


Hello again.


I wish to supply my program as a runtime solution, and the body of the layout has its own  necessary icons for essential functions (add, delete, copy, etc.). The status tool bar wastes a huge amount of space and I dont want it nor need it there. I know the Ctrl+Alt+S button removes it, as well as being removed from the View menu. 


The question is, can I permanently remove it ?


Alternatively is there a way it can be reduced in size and the "found records" buttons repositioned or deleted completely. The "customise status toolbar" allows the common icons to be removed, however the  body is there taking up about 20mm off the top of the page.


I am running fmp10adv. on Windows.


Any bright ideas ?