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    Status/Summary Report



      Status/Summary Report


      I have a database that tracks historical events by month, day, and year.  I would like to produce a summary report that shows the total number of events for each day of the year. 

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          just do a sort based on date field.


          your event layout should have a subsummary section for when sorted by event date

          then a body section where you put the event fields data


          then sort by date and enter preview mode 

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            Thank you for your suggestion, but if I understand it correctly, I am doing that now. I have to do 366 separate searches in order to get the total number of events per day.  I would like to create a script that produces a report that shows those results.  Its similar to searching a phone book to see how many "A's", "B's", etc., there are.  I don't need the data, just a number.


            I am very new to FMP and have taught myself the program.  I am sill learning.  Thank you for your patience. 

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                 Define a summary field as Count of <any field that cannot be empty>. Place that field in the sub-summary by date part. If you like, you can delete the body part of the layout, so you'll get a summary report only.