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Stepping through mutiple portals

Question asked by JohnMoorhouse on Jun 1, 2012
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Stepping through mutiple portals


I've built a layout that will allow me to see a maximum of 44 rows in two portals 1-22 in the lefthand one (named portal_l) and 23 - 44 in the righthand one (named portal_r) in the screen shot you will see I have added two buttons [Next] and [Previous], I would like to have a script behind the Next button, so that when it is clicked, the start row for each of the portals is incremented by 22, so that the contents of portal_r move to portal_l and the next 22 records appear in portal_l, (and obviously I'd then do a decrease by 22 with the [Previous] button.

I can't find anything on reseting the initial row attribute by scripts.