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Steps For Converting From 10 to 13

Question asked by marketg on Dec 31, 2013


Steps For Converting From 10 to 13


     After a few post here in the forums and some great answers, I have processed converting from 10 to 13 doing all the steps I could for a nice cleaned up copy. Here are the steps I did if this helps anyone, or if anyone has any feedback or suggested changes.

     There are a total of 15 files that we have used for many years since FM4.0.

     1) Opened the FM 10 file in FM13 to convert.

     2) Exported all data from the new FM13 converted file.

     3) Cloned a blank copy from the converted FM13 file.

     4) Imported the exported data back into the cloned blank copy.

     5) In the new file with the imported data, selected "Save copy as" - "Clone Compact"

     6) Used the recovery option to recover the new file selecting "Rebuild Structure" - Field indexes rebuilt.

     File seems to be running super and quick. The file size was reduced around 5% as well.

     Thanks -