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Still confused about drop down lists

Question asked by scottlynch on Mar 27, 2011
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Still confused about drop down lists


I'm still getting confused about drop down lists.

I have one recipe table with 8 fields and 102 records that i've converted from a Bento file.

I would like to make the recipe title field a drop down list so it's easier to find specific recipes.

I've added another title field to the table and named it Search_Title and have defined it as global storage from the options menu.

On the layout page I've selected Search_Title and told it to display data from the original recipe title field. it's control type is drop down list, and I've created a new value list from the original recipes title field, I hope that makes sense?

Back in browse mode the Search_Title field is showing all the recipes in a drop down list as I want, But the other fields like cooking instructions, ingredients etc are not changing records with the corresponding recipe title.

Is there something basic here i'm missing?

Can you not have a drop down list with only one table? i.e can you not self reference the same table?

Many thanks in advance