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Stock balance and finished products !!!

Question asked by traart on Feb 8, 2011
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Stock balance and finished products !!!


Hi everyone

I have a products table, join table and finished products table and products in table 

I am produced valves. for example  in order to produced one valve i am using 6 treads, 1 valve body and 2 o-rings.

when the sub products come to my factory i entered them with portal (treads, valve body, o rings exc)

And also at the end of the day i want to enter finished products and automaticly subtract related treads bodys ext.

I mean when i entered 2 finished valves. Filemaker understand that 12 treads 2 body and 2 orings used from stock. How can i do that

So i should see stock balance clearly.

Sorry for my limited English.