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Stock List

Question asked by ThomChase on Mar 29, 2011
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Stock List


Hi All, 

One quick questions about Stock Lists. I want to create a goods in form that adjusts the items in stock. 

The way I have it at the moment is for each stock item type to be an entry with a Qty field. So for exampleI

Item Qty

Screw   20

Bolt   10

I want an 'Input' report called a goods in where I can drop down a menu of stock items and a field called, New_Qty. I will then put the new item in to the form and place it in the warehouse and the stock list is updated. 

Do I need a new Table for goods in that feeds the stock list or is the goods in layout based on the stock table. 

I'm a little bit confused and I can't seem to find an example of this anywhere.