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Stock List Multiple Warehouses

Question asked by ThomChase on Jun 20, 2012
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Stock List Multiple Warehouses


Dear All, 


I am designing a little tool to keep track of our stock in FM. 


I have three tables






The product table keeps track of the products with their name, type, manufacturer etc....

The stock move table is induvidal records for each move. It contains a qty_in, qty_out and a c_blance (qty_in-qty_out)

The location is the list of the warehouses and vans. 


I have mastered the stock move bit and adding in the name of the warehouse as I go with a simple script. 


What I want to do is now show the c_balance for each location. The critical part here is to do this with (if possible) with out creating induvidual fields for the locations or even worse relationships for each loaction. It needs to be able to handle the edition of new locations on the fly. 


Is this possible?


Can you do a field somewhere like this.


Sum (stock_move::c_balance if location::name = .......


I'm stuck.


Many thanks