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Stock Problem

Question asked by MojtabaFazeli on Jan 30, 2012


Stock Problem


Ihave more product.
I have this tables(categories:For Sub Product Product details of Product and link to categories
Order:Order Information OrderItems:Link to product(Duplicated this table and rename ItemPurchased) and a filed cLineTotal=Qty(product)* price
Invoices:Invoices information InvoiceItem:Link to product(duplicated this table and rename ItemSold) and a field clinetotal=Qty*Price
and in the order(TO) a field cTotalOrder=Sum(cLineTotal)
and in the Invoice(TO) a field cTotalInvoice=Sum(cLineTotal)

in product: a field cStockLevel=Qty+Sum(Qty::ItmePurchased)-Sum(Qty::ItemSold)

I need to replace cStockLevel value with Product Qty for next progress.
How I can do this?