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Stock taking.

Question asked by willrollo on Dec 3, 2013
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Stock taking.


     I have seen a few threads on this topic already but they may be more complicated than I actually need. A brief description of my database. I have the following linked tables that create a working invoice solution. Customers - Invoice details - invoice items - products. 

     Only around 5 of the products that the company sells are held as stock. The user manually orders these products as and when required and manually adds the amount ordered to the stock count. I believe most stock taking solutions have this automatically calculated from purchase orders - this is a feature I do not require. I am trying to copy an old database which is why I wish to do it this way.

     How do I set this up as I feel this may not be a simple calculation field 'Stock' that would be a calc of 'Stock' + 'Stock received' - 'back ordered'. Back ordered I assume would be a field on an order. I know this is a very basic overview of what I have and require but was hoping to go more into detail once asked the right questions! Many thanks in advance...