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Stop auto-select of field on layout entry

Question asked by NickO'Connell on Aug 23, 2014
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Stop auto-select of field on layout entry


     I have a list layout with a number of records, and when selecting a record, it takes you to a form layout with more information. As this is a database that is maintained by one and used by many, I have disallowed field entry on each field shown on the form layout (I have a second form layout in which you can enter details, accessed by a password).

     When performing a quickfind on the list layout, and then selecting a result to see its details, FM automatically places the cursor in the first field on the form layout, and allows data modification. Is there a away to stop this? It doesn't happen if a quickfind is not performed first, and when clicking out of the field, it does not allow you to click back in (as designed). Any suggestions?