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Stop duplicate entry of group membership

Question asked by tlawson on Dec 17, 2012
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Stop duplicate entry of group membership


     I have a file that contains the following components:

     * Dealership

     * Locations (many-to-one with Dealership)

     * Employee (many-to-one with Dealership)

     * Group (many-to-one with Dealership)

     The problem is when I am adding groups to user (or visa-versa).  I can add double entries.  I'm sure I can fix this by requiring unique records when the user tries to add an employee to a group of which they are already a member.  But, what I'd prefer to do is not show them any employees that are already a member of the group.

     I'm using a join table to maintain the relationships and employee/group picker views to change group membership.  I'm hoping there is an easy way to make the picker views only show the unique records.  I've attached a picture of the relationships view (seems easier than trying to explain everything).