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Stop Duplicates from Importing

Question asked by Padster on Jan 26, 2012
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Stop Duplicates from Importing



Please forgive me as I am a Newbie to filemaker and am trying to figure things out as I go.

I'm having a bit of a problem on an import process where I am importing one flatfile into multiple tables. For a quick breakdown, the file contains Customer Record, Customer Addresses and Customer Contacts. I would like to run this as a single import but I am first trying to elimate the problems that I am having with Import directly into the Address Table (this is after I have done the standalone import into the customer table which creates the first UID for the customer). The Address table must relate back to the Customer table with the FK for the Customer.

On the address table I have built in the validation which stops you from manually entering an address (based on First Line and Postcode) that already exists. This is acheived through a self join relationship for the FK Customer ID, Address Line 1 and Postcode. From here creating a validation in a script on Submit to Count(Address 2::Address Line 1)>1

In my naivity, I expected the Import process to be able to use the same process of validation as the manual entry if I added the above count() to the 'Validate by Calculation' on either the Address Line 1 or Postcode field in the Database MAangement. 

On both occasions the import bottomed out with zero imports.

Is there something that I might be missing or doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.