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Stop FM dialog box to commit record

Question asked by LeoB on May 12, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2011 by ChrisVourazeris


Stop FM dialog box to commit record


This layout is going to be the death of me yet.


In my file I have a primary table (Activity).  For new records in the file I do not want to use the regular Activity record layout as it is too busy with tabs containing portals and other fields that have nothing to do with entering the data needed to begin a new record.  Also, the new record layout contains guidance on what goes into the required fields that does not need to be shown on the regular record layout.


To complicate things, on the new record layout I do not want the entered data to be committed to a new record automatically (unchecked on layout setup).  There are scripted buttons to save the record (which also runs validation steps to ensure all required fields are entered and the information is consistent) and another button to delete all entries and start again.


All works well, UNTIL the user clicks on the screen outside of a field.  Then the standard FM dialog box pops up that asks if the user wants to save changes to the record (Don't Save, Save, or Cancel).  Cancel works on bringing the user back to the partially completed new record, but clicking Don't Save or Save takes the user out of the layout and displays data from the first record in the table.  This will bamboozle the user if Don't Save is clicked.


I do not want this FM dialog box to appear at all.  I cannot figure out a way to stop this from happening.  When the user clicks outside of a data field on the layout, I want nothing to happen until the user either saves the record or deletes all entries via the scripted buttons.


Searching all the forum entries about committing records turned up nothing on how to turn off this dialog box.


Any ideas?