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    stop multiple clicking of button



      stop multiple clicking of button


       Hi I have a button that handles some time functions, but an issue happens when the button is clicked more than once as the math equation is then applied for each time the button is clicked, this is more of an issue using the form on an ipad as sometimes there is a slight delay in in connection and the button doesn't acknowledge the press straight away, (it changes colour when pressed).

      is there  a way to stop a double click like this, e.g a time function that means the button is locked after pressing for a set amount of seconds or minutes? or if as in my case I am using the button colour as an indicator via conditional formatting, could this be used so that when the button is say "red" it can't be clicked again?

      regards Fluffy

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          what is the expression used in the conditional format expression that changes the color to red?

          Enclose your existing script in an If block that checks for the same condition.

          If [ //put a copy of your conditional format expression here]

             #Your script goes here

          End IF

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             Hi Phil

            thanks for your reply, I'm not sure that will work? but I will look at the setup to see if I can use it.  heres the deal:

            I have a timer system which has a start button and a stop button and then a load of fields calculating. when start is pressed it records a time to a field then when stop is pressed i have some fields that calculate the differences etc.. to give a runiing total of time. (it does more than this but it is complicated)
            it is in essence a very basic stop watch timer however each time the stop button is pressed it adds to the time the difference and zeros the start time. so as you can imagine if the stop button is pressed a couple of times the timing can be out and because of the way it is done it can be out by hours!

            what I want to do is to eliminate quick succesion presses. I will try and play with  the "if" command.

            the conditional format expression is:

            Job time sheets::start time = ""

            so basically all the buttons are red if my start time is zero and they are all green if it is > than 0.
            so if the timer is running it is green and if it is stopped it is red.

            I hope this makes sense?  regards Fluffy

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              If red means that the button should not be pressed,

              If [ IsEmpty ( Job time sheets::start time ) ]

              should do the trick.