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Stop Portal Scrolling

Question asked by DianeJohnson on Jun 2, 2011
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Stop Portal Scrolling


I have a layout with employee information. In that same layout I have a portal based on a self-join relationship with just the employee name. I added the action to go to the related record when a name is selected in the portal list. If I scroll down the portal list and choose a name that is not visible in the layout when record 1 is selected, then select that record, the layout then displays the correct record, but automatically scrolls back to having record 1 displayed. I have turned off any and all sort options in the portal setup as well as the relationship definitions, but cannot figure out a way to stop the portal from scrolling once a record is selected in the portal. Is there a way to stop the portal from scrolling back to the top, or does someone have a quick and easy script to take the portal back to the displayed record?