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Stopping a running script, with a script.

Question asked by KyleCarroll on Jun 26, 2014
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Stopping a running script, with a script.


     In my database, I have a button labeled "Insert Image" which, when clicked, will run a script which will make a container field active, and bring up the insert picture window. Also, the container contains a Script Trigger, which when the container is active, will run a script that will open the image in the computer's photo browser.

     My issue is that, since the script trigger happens when the field is active, every time I use the "Insert Image" script, it also runs the "Enlarge Image" script.

     Is there anyway to prevent the script from running, if a specified script is already running? For example, in my "Enlarge Image" script, I would like it to say "If InsertImage Script is Running, Exit Script, Else, Enlarge Image". Is this sort of command possible?