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Stopping Paste in certain circumstances

Question asked by ralvy on Jul 13, 2010
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Stopping Paste in certain circumstances


I'm finally coding my app so that users can Copy and Paste (I'm adding these back to the Edit menu for them). I'm using script triggers to prevent certain characters from being pasted. That's all fine and dandy.

Now I see a problem that could arise. Suppose I have field that has an OnObjectModify script trigger on it, so the user sees a List View narrow its scope with each keystroke in that "search" field. Okay, now suppose they mistakenly decide to Paste text into that field. Let's say lot's of text they were unaware was in their clipboard. Well, you can imagine the problem that will arise with the OnObjectModify script trigger on that field.

How do I prevent Paste from working in a particular field? For instance, I don't see a script step I can use to turn off Paste on ObjectEnter and turn it back on on ObjectExit.