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Stopping unwanted carriage returns in a field.

Question asked by George99 on Mar 16, 2010
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Stopping unwanted carriage returns in a field.


Been trying my two little games out with some of my students, one problem I've come across is rather than clicking on a next button, they sometimes hit return several times after entering one or two wordsof text in a field.


I've had a look in the forum and two methods appear to be possible for catching carriage returns, but I don't really understaand the ins and outs of either method.


1) Use the "In Range" option (where do I apply it and how?) to limit the input between A-Z and spaces (any idea if the a-z is listed anywhere?)

2) Use some form of script to strip any input with a code value of 13.


Can anyone suggest a way forward please?


Thanks in advance.


George Humphries

File maker novice, using windows XP and Filemaker pro 10