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    Stopping, mid Script....



      Stopping, mid Script....


      Still a newbie.......more questions.

      I tried finding this info in some manuals, but can not seem to figure it out.  If someone cancels a running script, is there a way to put them back onto their original layout?  I have some layouts that arent needed to view, but needed for scripts.  If I interrupt a script, it leaves me on the wrong layout.  Exploring error capture, but it's not making sense.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated



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          There is no built in way to return to the original layout. Only a developer should be canceling a running script with esc (windows) or Command Period (Mac). As a developer you can return to the original layout by selecting the layout from the layouts menu.

          If you give the user the option to cancel the script by clicking a button, you should build additional steps that take them back to the original layout such as go to layout [<original layout>].

          You can return the user to the original layout and then pause your script or you can put your own button for cancelling the script with steps like these:

          Go to Layout [specify a layout, can't use original layout]
          Halt Script ---> this step halts the paused script.

          To pause a script so that only continue and not cancel is shown in the status area use Allow User Abort [off] to keep the cancel option out of the status area.

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            Thanks again Phil.  Ill give it a go.