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    storage data out of database



      storage data out of database


      Hello everyone,

      today I faced a problem quite unusual, probably about the setting of the program. I recently saw this video tutorial (which I recommend)
      which stresses the importance of 1:37:37 to save files outside of our size to keep the file lighter. Between the various methods of storing what comes closest is "only store a reference to the file", unfortunately this option is only available in the menu bar of filemaker (insert -> image); there is' a way to set this default storage in my database?

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          If this is FileMaker 12, you can also specify external storage for a container field. (I had to read all the way through before I deduced that you are describing a container field here as this info only applies to container fields.)

          "Store a reference" is something to specify in whatever menu option or script step is used to insert a file into a container field. The same field can embed a copy of the file in one record and store a reference in the next.