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Storage of Images

Question asked by Frinholp on Sep 7, 2010
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Storage of Images


Hi all

Has anybody got an opinion on the storage of images within Filemaker and the use of 360 Works' Scriptmaster plugin?

I require images to be associated with certain records and I am aware a container field will store an image. Is it best practice to store the image within the database or link a path to the image?

I have been investigating the functionality provided with Scriptmaster which seems would allow me to create directories associated with a record, store images in that folder and use the Get File As Container to show an image in a container field that is external to the database. I have not yet installed the plugin so I'm not too sure if my understanding is correct???

What types of files can be stored in a container? What will be displayed within the container field that is not a jpeg? I ask this as I would like to hold any digital correspondence such as text files, documents, pdfs or emails either by link via path name or the storage of a document itself within a field.

Is it possible to open files with an associated application via script?

Scriptmaster seems to offer a lot of additional functionality at no cost!

Thanks in advance