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Storage system management

Question asked by jabs.far on Oct 17, 2014
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Storage system management


Hello all,

I can't seem to work out the logic needed to manage space availability through smart scripting .... We store vials in racks, and each of these racks have 36 available positions (3 rows, 12 columns). We have a great many of those racks. In my DB, I use separate rack identifiers, row identifiers, and column identifiers. Concatenation  of those gives me the complete storage information for each vial. Now, I'd like to have my DB propose an available position, whenever we want to integrate a new vial in the system. Is there a (smart) way of doing this ?! The "number crunching" approach of generating a table with a record for each possible position (and it's status; "occupied" or "available") does at first, not seem very smart to me. I was hoping that several of you might have already faced things like this with more success than me, and might have come up with elegant approaches. 

If so, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts ...

From a rainy Paris, I wish you all a good weekend.