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    Store a path



      Store a path


           I'm creating an app where a folder is assigned to each client where all files related to that specific client will be stored. Each client will have a different folder and there will be many clients. I need to store the paths to each of the client's folders. 
           The idea is that the program user can assign a folder to each client and then go to that folder and be able to open any of the stored files  (pdf, doc, images, sound files, videos, etc) but I can't find a function to surf the hard drive or the network to look for a path and then retrieve that path.
           Any help will be greatly apreciated!

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               There's no such spedific capability in FileMaker, but if you insert even one file from that folder into a container field using the store a reference option, a script or calculation field can extract the path to that folder from the data in the container field. And Insert File is something that does open the Operating system's open file dialog which you can then use to locate the folder in question.

               And such a file path can then be stored in a text field if necessary. It may, however, make more sense to insert each of the files into container fields with the store a reference option specified.

               See this thread for more on file paths: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts

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                 Very good and helpful answer. Thanks!