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    Storing a link to a file



      Storing a link to a file


           I am looking for a way to store a link to a PDF file in my database. My clients often send me PDFs containing multiple pictures, and when I upload them to my artwork container, only the first of the pictures in the PDF is displayed. Hence, it'd be much easier if I could instead store a link to the file, so that  I could see all of the pictures contained in the PDF. I tried simply storing the file, rather than storing the PDF as a picture, but when I stored the file, there was no way to open it or see its contents once it was in the database, other than to export it. 
           Does anyone see any possible solutions to this? Thank you in advance!

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               With FileMaker 12 or newer, you can use insert PDF to insert a PDF into a container field that has been optimized for interactive viewing. You can flip through all the pages of the PDF right in the container field.

               With older versions and also with FileMaker 12/13, you can also use export field contents to export a copy of the file and open it in your systems default application for PDF files. You can put a button on your layout so that opening your file is a one button click operation.

               And if you use insert file to insert the PDF and select the "store a reference" option, you can open the original copy of the file just by double clicking the container field.

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                 Storing a reference sounds like the best option  - is that possible in FileMaker 11? If so, where is this option? I'm not seeing it, but I may not be looking in the right place.

                 If this option isn't available in FileMaker 11, I'll definitely try making a button to open the file.

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                   It is possible in all recent versions of FIleMaker.

                   Go to a layout with your container field.

                   Click on the field to give it the focus.

                   Select Insert File from the Insert menu.

                   In the dialog that opens for selecting the file to insert, click the "store a reference" check box.

                   Note: Once you have done this, you can't move or rename the file or any folders that contain it and expect this to still work as the file path stored in the container field will no longer point to the file if you make such a change. It is sometimes useful, to set up a script that uses Export Field contents to export a copy of the inserted file to a designated folder and then re-insert it from there so as to better protect your system from accidentally breaking the links between your container fields and the files for which you have inserted references.

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                     Wonderful, thank you so much!