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    Storing as a reference file



      Storing as a reference file


      I am somewhat new to this but I am sure someone can advise on this....  I have a dedicated mac acting as a server with multiple users networking into this server to access Filemaker pro 11. On the desktop of this server I have a file that has hundreds of pdf files that we are storing into filemaker. As to not slow down the server we have inserte/stored these files into FM as references. The problem arises when other users try to access these files - an error message appears that says that the file could not be found. I can access these files when I am logged into the actual server.  Is this a file path problem? Security problem?..... Any advise/guidance would be greatly appreciated!!  Scott

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          It's a filepath problem and it can also be a security problem.

          In order for all your users to see the images, their computers must mount the drive/directory storing the PDF files in such manner that the file path from their computer corresponds exactly to the filepath stored in the container field when you inserted the PDF.

          For windows computers, that means you need to map a drive letter to a shared directory on your host computer where the files are stored and then the container fields need to use the exact same filepath (including the drive letter) to your PDF files. The principle is the same for Macs, but the details differ a bit as you don't have drive letters on Mac systems.

          One helpful hint: you can use Replace Field Contents on store by reference container fields to update all the filepaths to a new location if you have to move the entire folder off the desktop inorder to make the folder's contents accessible to the users.

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            The desktop is a Folder in the User's Home that is logged in.

            HD - Users - loggeduser - desktop.

            If you log out as that user, and log in as another user, the desktop is different. If you navigate to the desktop folder of the other user, you will see the folder is locked and unavailable.

            If the UserName is Server, and you connect to the server as "Server" you could see them.

            Storing on the HD or the folder where the FMP database is may work better.

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              So, I found the filepath - and I believe that it is a filepath problem.

              Where would you suggest that I put the folder so everyone can have access to it OR (possibly another solution) how would I edit the filepath to be universal so everyone on our network can find the files? (most of us are using mac)

              Thank You!

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                You'll need to put them in a shared directory. I don't know the precise Mac equivalent, but on windows, you would map the drectory on each client machine to the exact same drive letter.

                "Most are using mac" tells me that you have users with both Mac and Windows, you'll need a "smart container" that computes the correct filepath for that container. If you set up a field that separately stores the filename, this will be easier to do.

                Define a calculation and select "container" as its return type and set up a calculation similar to this:

                IF ( abs ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) ) = 1 /*Mac*/ ; "ImageMac:/Volumnename/Directoryname/" ;
                                                                        /*windows */ ; "ImageWin:/DriveLetter/Driectoryname/" ) & FileNamefield

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                  On a Mac the base path to the shared folder is:

                  Volume name/Users/Shared/

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                    Thanks, I copied from FileMaker help and the help file example left that out.

                    The best way to verify the exact filepath, is to insert an image file reference from the desired location on a mac. Then do the same on a different field or record from the windows machine. Then put a calculation field on your layout defined to return text that simply lists the container field name. The third line of text in this field will show the actual filepath and you can consult that while crafting your calculations that use platform to determine which path to use for the current machine.