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Storing Attachments

Question asked by Vinny on Oct 4, 2011


Storing Attachments


In my solution, I am planning to have attachments for customers, products, jobs, etc.

I originally developed a method to store the file(s) on a network drive as they were attached.

However, I'm reconsidering because additional setup is required for each machine to have access to the network drives (not hard, just one more thing to maintain and set up).  I did this mainly to separate the attachments from the database so that I could ensure they were backed up and no chance of loss.

Now I'm thinking I may have additional filemaker files for each type of attachment (i.e. customer, product).  I'm thinking this way, I can back up the files regularly, and or write a script to output the files to a drive as a back up routine.

Now, this adds complexity from the standpoint of permissions and login information, right?

My thought is that it would be better to have 5 smaller files than 1 large file.

Do you agree?