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Storing Copies of Documents

Question asked by eissej on Jan 21, 2010
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Storing Copies of Documents


I have a table of customers and a table of enquiries linked by the customer ID. There can be many enquiries per customer. Documents are issued to customers from data contained in the enquiry records. There can be many documents per enquiry and as data is changed in an enquiry record a new document will be issued. (That is each enquiry will be a developing item rather than an immediately completed event) I need to store a copy of every document that is issued. 

I am not sure whether it is best to have a separate layout for each document or a separate table for documents. But I am particularly stuck with how to save the document copies so that they can accessed by Enquiy ID and document name at a later date.


My Filemaker basics are reasonable but this is a bit beyond me.


Could anyone please suggest what  might be the most sensible approach?