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Storing file paths in a field for Look-Up...

Question asked by paintboothguy on Jan 27, 2011
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Storing file paths in a field for Look-Up...



We have tons of scripts that contain paths like the one below that name files and store them in our server:

"filemac:/mattpic-Public/2010/Quotes from File Maker/" & Quotes::Full Name LU & "_" & Quotes::Quotation # & "_Quotation" & ".PDF"

This part here: <filemac:/mattpic-Public/2010/Quotes from File Maker/> always seems to be changing when we re-arrange things on our server, or perform OS updates or whatever.

Is there a way to store this path in a field, then in 'set variable' options dialogue when I specify the value of the variable, it can 'look-up' this path?

Here is another example of a path that always seems to change and would benefit from some sort of storage field:

imagemac:/mattpic-Public/A-Frame Database/jpegs for quote/dust devil iso.jpg

image:dust devil iso.jpg

Any ideas?



FM Pro 10.0v3, Mac OS 10.6.6