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Storing found data

Question asked by Marty1 on May 30, 2012
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Storing found data



I wish to temporarily store some fields from found records so that I can sort / print and use then in other ways. I wish to store them in a separate table called 'Hold'. This sequence operation is to find all the people with recorded birthdates. I have 3 tables, in the same database, 'Contacts', 'Partner' & 'Child'. Each table has a field DOB, Name & primary/foreign keys. I would like to find all the entries in each of the tables with a "valid" birth date {Card_Bday = "Yes"), and store certain fields of each record in another holding table. Prior to accessing the 'Hold' table it will be emptied (all date deleted). Say the fields to be stored were 'name', 'dob' & 'kf_address'

I was thinking to run a script similar to this to find all the contacts with a "Yes" in the birthday card field, then write the 3 required fields to the 'Holder' table. Although this script does not write and field information !!

I then wish to run the same process for the remaining tables 'Partner' & 'Child', and to have these details added to the 'Holder' table, not overwritten.

I should then have a complete list with all contacts that require cards. I can perform other date calculation & searches accordingly.

I hope you can assist... Have a good day