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    Storing inventory documents with a handwritten signature



      Storing inventory documents with a handwritten signature


           I have an inventory database where I need to store hand signed testing documents for each inventory item in the database. We are not ready to get into electronic signature so that is not an option. Given that, how is the best way to store those forms?

           At the present time the forms are filled out by the tester, signed and scanned to a PDF. Some items will only be tested once but others could be tested multiple times and we want to see all tests not just the most recent. Is it best to use a portal in the inventory record to list all of the tests (in a related “testing” table) for that item and then link each row of the portal to a new layout that would have a test number and a container field to store the pdf?

           The second part of the question is can you scan directly into a container field or does each document need to be manually linked to its appropriate container field?

           Any guidance would be appreciated!

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               You might be able to scan into a container field by using a plug in. One was once offered for earlier versions so you'll need to web search filemaker plug-ins to see what you find offered for your version.

               A related table with one container field per record is probably your best option for storing a digital form of these documents, but the implementation details depend on the structure of the database into which you need to add this capability.