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Storing multiple key/value pairs in FileMaker Pro12

Question asked by maddy on Dec 31, 2013
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Storing multiple key/value pairs in FileMaker Pro12



     I am working on a record which stores filepath of different images. I have a button which opens the filepath. While opening the file it always ask the credentials. I wrote a script in that, it ask the credentials when the user first time click for that path (fetch the path source which needs the credentials)and afterwards it will open the image directly on clicking the button. For this, I used global variable. When the value of the global variable is 1, it ask for credential and when it increases it automatically open the filepath. This solution is working only when I have a single filepath staring from, say '\\\......

     When I have filepaths staring from different sources like "\\\..." in this case I need to store global variable corresponding to each one. My problem is that whenever I get a different source in the filepath, I need to incease its corresponding filecount by 1. 

     How do I achieve this. Is there a solution to store filepath_source and corresponding filecount as a key/value pair in FileMaker Pro. Please help!!! Let me know if I am not clear and you need further details.