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Storing the filename when importing csv data

Question asked by LeeRoy on Oct 24, 2011
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Storing the filename when importing csv data


 Hi all,

I am new to FileMaker and currently working through the VTC tutorials. I am retraining in FileMaker and currently work on a Telcommunications Billing Engine. One of my clients who I work for on there Billing System are using Access Database for some financial reporting which the Billing Engine provides. I have suggested using FileMaker as they are hitting problems in using Access (mainly the size limitations).

To this end, I have been asked to put together a demonstration of importing data in various csv files and storing them into tables. This is faily straight forward, however they would like to have the filename of the CSV file stored in the table as well and I can not seem to work out A/ if this is possible and B/ How I would achieve it.

I am currently using a script attached to a button that imports the daily data into the table. Idealy I would like the filename to go into a seperate table and a file id generated and stamped against each record that the data in the csv file creates. Therefore I would need to know the filename before the import, so I looked at using a Custom Dialog, however you can only except a text/string input, it would be nice to have a system file browse dialog. I am writing this on a Mac, however if they want a solution in FileMaker, it will be deployed on Windows.

If anyone out there could help point me in the right direction, I would be very greatful.