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strange "QuickStart" issue

Question asked by sromini on Aug 27, 2010
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strange "QuickStart" issue


I have a strange problem with the "QuikStart" screen. It started from FM Pro 10 and it's not gone in FM Pro 11. Many years ago I used to turn off the screen that appeared on old filemakers at start (the one that asked if you want to open an existing db or use a solution, aso) 'cos it was very annoying  for me. When I upgraded to FM Pro 10 I tried to bring it back 'cos I found the new style very useful. Here started my problem. Even if I have the check in preferences to show it at start, it doesn't show up. Tried in root user (I have a Mac) and it works fine. So I deleted prefs and caches on my account, restart, but the problem persist. Before installing FM Pro 11 I wiped my HD and performed a clean installation of MacOs 10.6; after installing all the software "QuikStart" worked, but when I finished importing my data (Library's file folder by folder) it started to not show again. Tried to reset my Library again but can't get reed of it anymore. Anyone have a suggestion on how can I bring back this feature without reinstall all again?