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Strange Behavior

Question asked by ArthurJoyce on Jun 13, 2012
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Strange Behavior


I've been trying to create a field that would be a checkbox unmodifiable field with a calculation to determine the action it would take. What I want to do is to have calculation field that would look at another field and see if there's anything in that field and if there is then I want that field to have an "X" placed in it.


I created the field and used the following as the calculation in the field:

If(IsEmpty(Individual Note);"";"X")


I have a field called "Individual Note" and wanted another field that would be a checkbox field to check and see if the "Individual Note" field had any information in it and if it did then an "X" would be put into the calculation field which would then check the checkbox and alert me that there was a note in the field checked.

However, when I run that calculation field it doesn't come up with anything. I know that there is text in the note field but the calculation field still comes up with nothing at all and I can't figure out why.