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Strange csv import problem

Question asked by jimlongo on May 8, 2012
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Strange csv import problem


Hi, I have an import that I do from a csv file that I download from a database on the web.

There are 3 csv files.

I import them one at a time into FM11.  I have been doing this on 2 computers (a MacPro and an iMac) for a couple of years without any problem.

I just installed FileMaker on a MacBook.  The first 2 csv files import just as usual, but the 3rd one which is the simplest always fails with the Import Records Summary dialog indicating 


Total records added / updated: n    (where "n" is the number of records in the file)
Total records skipped due to errors: n
Total fields skipped due to errors: n
Table created: <none>

It's odd because the same file will import just fine into the same database (using Dropbox to share the files) on the other 2 computers.

Anyone come across something like that before?